My name is Abdul Matin Sakhile. I have been studying mixed martial arts for 17 years, training and competing professionally in Tae Kwon do and Kung-fu.

My martial arts journey began in 1998. I had a severe injury called shin splints, a painful stress fracture of the lower shinbone. I was told by various sports doctors that if I did not stay away from all sports, the injury would get much worse and that I could potentially lose my legs. At the time, I was involved in an HBO Basketball series called Hoop Life as a special skills extra. I was on set three to four days per week with the days lasting from 10 to 16 hours and I was making great money. I was 18. There was no way I could give that up.

While Hoop Life was filming. the other actors and I found ourselves with a lot of free time. We would always try to keep ourselves busy by working out, reading and watching lots of martial arts movies. One day a bodyguard for one of the actors started sparring with us and we kept losing. I was the only one that took the sparring seriously. And I hated losing. It was through this experience that I realized I wanted to become a martial artist, and that I wanted to learn everything I could about martial arts.

I was on a mission. I put myself on a strict regimen of various martial arts, cardiovascular and calisthenics training as well as yoga so that I could begin to master myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

I took myslef out of ordinary life, to immerse myself in the world and ways of a martial arts practitioner. Even when I was traveling a lot and working around the world, I would make sure I took the time to train in and study different martial arts systems; from Cuba-Judo and Brazilian Capoeira- Jujitsu to Kickboxing, Muay Tai, Taekwon Do and Wing Chung.

2007 I received my first degree black belt in ITF Taekwon Do.

In 2010 I tried out for the ITF Canadian Team. I won all my fights and became the Ontario Heavy Weight Champion, thereby earning a spot on the Team.

In 2011, I represented Canada by competing in the World Taekwon Do Championship which was held in North Korea. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I fought the 2009 World Heavy Weight Champ in my first round.  It was a magnificent fight, but unfortunately for me the champ had more professional fighting experience and won the match by 3 points. But the experience taught me that it’s not all about winning, it’s really all about learning. And on that front, I learned a lot, not only about myself but also about the Korean Team, who all placed in every event.

I now study Tai Chi Praying Mantis at Golden Harmony Kung-Fu under the watchful guidance of Grand Master Rupert Harvey.

By combining all that I have learned and am still learning, I was able to develop the ONE STEP METHOD, a program that empowers the body, mind and spirit of the individual through the use of Martial Arts and bootcamp-style fitness training.

I have been able to bring the ONE STEP METHOD into neighborhoods where it has been of life-changing benefit to youths who have been incarcerated or lost direction, and to women of all ages who previously were victims.

ONE STEP at a time, with patience and perseverance, we all can make a difference.