There is a code that I have been taught by Grand Master Rupert Harvey, my Kung-fu Master. And we recite it at the beginning of every class. It goes like this:

Seek Perfection of Character.

Live the Way of Truth.


Be Faithful.

Respect Others.

Refrain from Violent Behaviour.

Be Humble.


And now you are ready. Ready to learn. Really learn. Oh I don’t mean just with your mind, the mind that is now ready to receive. That’s not really learning. You may think it is but that’s only partial learning. True learning invokes the Triumvirate. Mind. Body. Spirit. And that’s what ONE STEP is all about. Complete learning. And because the body is that thing through which we experience this reality, it is also that thing through which we can transform ourselves.

ONE STEP at a time.

This isn’t the gym. This isn’t MMA. This isn’t anything youv’e seen before. This is platueau learning. The hardest kind of learning. Because there are no visible gains… until the jump to the next level – the almost instantaneous ignition of Mind, Body and Spirit, where all three cry at once, I GOT IT! and you realize that yes, I CAN do this. And you also realize how asleep and numbed you have been for your entire life.

Until now.

ONE STEP combines ancient Kung-fu training techniques with cardio, Yoga and meditation to mould you into a Warrior. A Person of Peace.

What, you ask? How can a Warrior be a person of Peace? He can because, as the saying goes,

“A Warrior chooses Peace. Others are condemned to it.”

Think about that for a minute. Think about what that means for you and what your life has been like until now. A Warrior CHOOSES peace. And so can you. Because you will have the FREEDOM to do so. FREEDOM from the constraints of the body you have neglected for too long. FREEDOM from the limitations your Mind has placed on you, in response to the world you find yourself in. FREEDOM from others, who would seek to influence your behavior, who would seek to control you through illusion, intimidation, violence, intoxicants and money.

Does this all sound a little crazy? I thought so too. Until I started to live this Path. And to share it with others.

To share it with YOU.

I invite you to talk to others who are in the program. Ask questions. Ask hard questions.

Then come to a class.

And discover that by taking that ONE STEP, that first step, you can walk through a door.

And into a new life.