Anti-Bullying Tips

Master Rupert Harvey and Master Simon Chong are two of our teachers and here they share some anti-bullying techniques that anyone can use.

IGNORE the Bully

All bullies are looking for a certain response. If the ‘victim’ gives no indication or response there is a good chance the bully will move on since he is not getting the feedback that feeds his fire.

Walk with CONFIDENCE (Video 1)

Bullying behaviour can be likened to animals in the wilderness choosing a victim. They invariably choose the weakest animal they can find to prey on. It makes sense. If you were an animal in the wild, would you risk life and limb every time you wanted to eat? You would try to get what you wanted while incurring as little risk of personal injury as possible. Same with bullies. They NEVER prey on the strong. What does this mean for you? Simply this: walk with CONFIDENCE. Project confidence and strength through your posture and your stride. Keep your head up. Look those you encounter in the eye and with a smile.

Use Your VOICE (Video 2)

Meek behaviour and pleas for mercy only incite bullies to greater heights. USE A STRONG VOICE to stop the bullying before it starts. STOP! BACK OFF! and similar commands all serve to stop the action in its tracks. Things can potentially end right there and even if they don’t, it gives you valuable time to assess the situation, clear your head and take a few deep breaths. There are times when this technique will freeze a situation, only to have it escalate when one of the bullies ‘calls your bluff’. The rest of the video will show you what to do.

Diffuse the Situation with HUMOUR (Video 3)

Laugh and the world laughs with you, right? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU LAUGH AT YOURSELF. And this is the key to this Anti-Bullying Technique. DO NOT LAUGH AT THE BULLY! THIS WILL ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE! Self-deprecating humour is what is called for here. The added benefit to this is it SPLITS THE PACK. If a group of bullies is harassing you, even if some of them don’t find you funny, some of them might. And if they laugh, their energy as a group is split. This is good for you. Divide and conquer.

Call ATTENTION to the Situation

Use a LOUD VOICE to call attention to your situation. Bullies hate it when lots of other people see them in action because it calls attention to what they are doing. So don’t be afraid to let other people know that something you don’t like is happening to you.

AVOID and REDIRECT (Video 4)

Sometimes, things move too quickly for you to try and diffuse a situation with snappy verbiage. What do you do? Use a technique. This one is best explained by watching the video.


If you have any comments, suggestions, tips of your own or a story you would like to share, please POST THEM in the Anti-Bullying Forum.