BE ON TIME. Arrive half an hour before the class begins so you can warm up and commune with your fellow ONE STEP students.

Do not talk during class. If you are talking, you aren’t listening. A ONE STEP class exercises every part of you EXCEPT your mouth. (It gets plenty of exercise all by itself.)

Be POLITE and RESPECTFUL to your instructor and your fellow students.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you can sweat in.

Do not complain or whine. (Are you a dog? No, you are not.)

Do NOT wear any jewelry.

Do NOT douse yourself in perfume or cologne before coming to class. (This includes AXE.)

TURN OFF your cell phone.

Leave any attitude and grievances in the garbage can near the door. (You are not obligated to retrieve them when you leave.)

Put a smile on your face and have a good time. You did the right thing by deciding to come. You have taken ONE STEP, the first step, on an alternate path. A better road. It may be tough today but it gets easier.

And the smile on your face gets wider. 🙂